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Hardware - Relay Module

Features Touch Screen PC Keyboards Digital I/O Pendants Interface Boards  

Part Number:  ACC10077

Relay Output Module   Western Reserve Output Relay WRC-1781-R05S

$14.75 US

Contact MDSI if you require additional information about this product.

Nominal input voltage: 5 V dc
Min. input volt. @ pin 3: 4.5 V dc
Max. input volt. @ pin 3: 5.5 V dc
Must turn off voltage: 1 V dc
Typical input current: 1.3 mA dc
Maximum input current: 2.2 mA dc
Nominal input resistance: 2K ohm
Typical V+ supply current 50 mA dc
Nominal line voltage: 5 V dc/V rms
Maximum line voltage: 100/125 V dc/V rms
Minimum line voltage: 0 V dc/V rms
Max peak off-state voltage: 100/125 V dc/V rms
Max off-state leakage current: 0 mA dc
Maximum on-state current 1A, 30 W dc,
62.5 VA resistive load
Minimum on-state current: 0 mA
Maximum 1 second surge: 2.5 A peak
Peak on-state voltage: 0.25 V dc
Maximum turn-on time: 2 ms

General Specifications
Operating temperature range: -30 to 80° C
Isolation voltage: 1000 V rms
Capacitance input to output 8 pF