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CNC Controls - OpenCNC Lathes

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OpenCNC® CNC software is controlling a broad range of machine tools, including machining centers, lathes, grinders, and gear hobs. Some of our current installations are listed below but all machines are candidates for OpenCNC.

Please call us at 1-888-OpenCNC for information about your specific machine tool control applications.

Machine Description
American E40 2 Axis
American Hustler 2 Axis
Berthiez VTL 2 Axis
Bullard 46", 54"
Bullard VTL
2 Axis
4 Axis
Churchill NC300 2 Axis
Cincinnati Milacron Cinturn 12CD
Cincinnati Milacron Cinturn 15CD, 18CD
2 Axis
4 Axis
Excello Lathe 2 Axis
Giddings & Lewis
Giddings & Lewis 2B-4X
2 Axis
4 Axis
Gray 48
2 Axis
4 Axis
Gray VTL 2 Axis
2 Axis
4 Axis
HES 24 NCS D 2 Axis
Ikegai 2 Axis
Jones & Lamson TNC 312 2 Axis
Kasper Models 102, 302, and 3000 4 Axis
Lodge & Shipley Profiturn
Lodge & Shipley Numeriturn
Lodge & Shipley 10/25 BC
2 Axis
LeBlond Baron 60 2 Axis
Magneturn 612 LP Lathe
Magneturn 1220 Lathe
Mazak M5 Lathe 2-axis
Mazak Slant Bed Lathe 2 Axis
Monarch 220
Monarch TC 4, TC2
2 Axis
Mori Seki 3,4,5, SL
Mori Seki ZL25B
2 Axis
4 Axis
Motch VC 125
Motch VC 135
2 Axis
New Britian
New Britian
2 Axis
4 Axis
Okuma LC-20 4 Axis
Olofsson Model 1275 2 Axis
Pratt & Whitney Star-Turn 12-90 Turn 2-axis
Sheldon 2816 2 Axis
Sonim Saphir T10 2 Axis
2 Axis
4 Axis
Warner & Swasey 1SC, 2SC, 3SC
Warner & Swasey Universal
Werth Engineering 1130 VNC